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Empowering Telecom Customer Support with AI and 5G: Insights from Subtonomy CEO at MWC 2024

Updated: Apr 2

In an era where customer expectations are at an all-time high, the telecom industry faces the challenge of delivering unparalleled service and support. At the heart of this transformation are cutting-edge technologies like AI and 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). We had the privilege of meeting up with Andreas Jörbeck, CEO of Subtonomy, and Scott Bicheno, editor of, at Mobile World Congress 2024 to discuss these pivotal advancements.

Evolution of Customer Support

The digital age has reshaped how customers seek support, with a significant shift towards self-service. Andreas draws an interesting parallel to Ikea's DIY model, emphasizing that today's consumers, especially the younger generation, prefer to take matters into their own hands. Subtonomy is at the forefront of this revolution, enabling telecoms to provide the tools necessary for customers to solve issues independently through AI chatbots and online platforms, thereby enhancing the overall service experience.

The role of AI in Telecom Customer Support

AI's emergence, particularly generative AI, has significantly impacted customer support, offering new ways to interact with and assist customers. Subtonomy leverages this technology to enrich chatbots and digital channels, equipping them with accurate, network-derived data. This approach not only improves the efficiency of customer service reps by suggesting next best actions but also ensures that AI-driven solutions are as informed and effective as possible.

Addressing 5G challenges with Subtonomy

With 5G technology ushering in a new era of connectivity, especially in the realm of Fixed Wireless Access (5G FWA) for broadband services, the demand for robust customer support is more critical than ever. Andreas highlights how Subtonomy provides a comprehensive view of network performance and customer service delivery, from network data to router and modem analytics. This holistic approach is key to resolving the unique challenges presented by 5G, ensuring customers enjoy seamless connectivity.

The future is Now

The insights shared by Andreas Jörbeck at MWC 2024 underscore the importance of embracing AI and 5G to elevate telecom customer support. By enabling self-service and harnessing the power of accurate data, Subtonomy is not just solving today's challenges but paving the way for the future of telecom services.


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