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Subtonomy attends Gitex to showcase how our platform helps, speed & empower telecoms AI initiatives

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Meet Subtonomy at Gitex Global 16-20th of October 2023 in Dubai

Stockholm, Sweden – October 2 2023 – SUBTONOMY, the world’s leading telecoms technical customer support provider, has announced it will be attending Gitex Global (Dubai, 16-20 October) and will be explaining the impact of AI and 5G on telco customer operations, as well as how the data from its platform can be re-used to speed and empower AI initiatives.

Imagining AI in Everything

With McKinsey forecasting that AI will deliver $100 billion in productivity gains in the telecoms sector alone – transforming telco operations, customer experience and commercial results – Subtonomy has announced it will be attending Gitex Global, the world’s largest tech show, to explain why its technology is a vital component in the race to deploy AI.

AI needs accurate data to fulfill its potential

Telcos are both early adopters of AI and great beneficiaries, as the technology is being utilized to help them with a wide range of initiatives such as meeting fast-evolving customer expectations, aiding with the hyper-personalization of services, delivering new value, deploying the latest generation of chatbots, transforming digital self-service, and increasing call centre productivity.

Realizing AI’s full potential, however, requires accurate, holistic and up-to-date data. Unfortunately, the reality for most telcos is that their data is still fragmented and siloed due to the complex mix of legacy network and software technologies they are supporting.

“AI undoubtedly has enormous potential in telecoms,” says Fredrik Edwall, EVP Sales & Marketing, Subtonomy, “and customer operations is being touted as one of the first domains to be impacted, as well as an area that will see the most gains. But without access to the right data, at the right time, AI’s great potential to transform commercial, operational and customer outcomes won’t be realized. This is where Subtonomy comes in. We can assist with a wide range of AI-infused use cases by giving telcos access to the data they need to be successful.”

Feeding and training telecoms AI

Subtonomy fixes the AI data challenge by gathering data from every type of network (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, 5G SA, Fixed Wireless Access, broadband and gigabit fiber), seamlessly extending visibility as telcos add new equipment, and re-using existing data sources (such as passive probes, cell-level data, BSS, OSS and device data). The result is a hyper-accurate picture of network experience at an individual subscriber level for both business clients and consumers.

With tens of millions of new customers needing to be onboarded in the next few years and soaring customer expectations, Subtonomy enables telcos in the Middle East and North Africa to provide world class, hyper-efficient and hyper-personalized customer support, while also delivering transformational AI initiatives, and shifting the paradigm to a proactive and predictive mode of operation.

“Whatever initiatives you’re planning, Subtonomy is poised and ready to help you get started and keep you on track,” comments Edwall. “Our proven technology not only revolutionizes the customer service paradigm, but is also instrumental in unlocking the full potential of AI.”


The Subtonomy difference

As 5G scales and evolves, telcos are looking beyond it towards a fully convergent vision of 6G and to implement AI across their operations, but they’re still faced with the ongoing problem of supporting a complex mix of legacy technologies, managing increasingly sophisticated services, and handling soaring customer expectations.

This is where Subtonomy comes in. Experienced in working with some of the world’s most advanced operators to deliver premium experiences, personalized support and proactive care, Subtonomy helps deliver world-class service at a lower cost.

Our Support Engine & Platform provides unprecedented real-time insights across any combination of networks, seamlessly extending visibility as you add new technology. Our easy-to-use applications utilize this rich data to enable:

  • customer support teams to isolate and resolve problems faster

  • operational teams to prioritize fault fixing and network build according to customer need

  • business teams to up-sell to both business customers and consumers

  • wholesale teams to understand the service they’re delivering to MVNO clients and other partners

  • B2B teams to prepare performance reports faster and at lower cost

  • innovation teams to train and deploy AI-infused operations, smarter chatbots and much more.

  • operations teams to respond to lawful requests with speed and accuracy.

Imagine what you could do if you could instantly visualize EVERY customer, network, service and channel from ONE place.

Meet us at Gitex

To find out more visit us at Booth H24-02 Cyber Security Hall, Gitex Global, Dubai 16-20 October. Book meeting here.


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