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The role of network probes in the age of CX and Customer Experience Index

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Future telecoms industry success lies in providing a seamless and consistent customer experience (CX) across every touchpoint and supporting new quality-based value propositions. This is why telecom service providers worldwide are in the process of transforming from being network-centric to customer-centric organizations capable of delivering world-class experiences to their customers. As competition continues to increase, customer expectations rise and service providers innovate, maintaining a great customer experience requires a new approach.

CEI – the new measure of CX for telecom providers

Customer experience is both highly subjective and complex, depending as it does on what the customer is doing, when, where and how. Having a reliable and enterprise-wide measure to judge progress against is therefore essential.

While traditional NPS is a simple and useful measure of customer satisfaction, it has severe limitations due to its non-real-time, static nature. It also doesn’t provide granular detail about why the customer is feeling the way they are, which is needed to create actionable insight to improve CX.

These limitations are why telecom service providers have started adopting a more active and granular key performance indicator (KPI) to supplement traditional NPS. The customer experience index (CEI) brings together a wider range of network, customer and business KPIs to provide a holistic and real-time indication of satisfaction.

How CEI can be used by telecom providers

With technical service performance contributing 20-30% to customer satisfaction, it’s essential that telecom service providers have a granular understanding of what is influencing CX. Traditional NPS scores don’t provide any detailed insight as to why a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied that service providers can use to improve network or service quality, or understand the customer’s perception of it.

In contrast, Active NPS from Subtonomy provides an essential component of CEI by helping service providers visualize the correlations and differences between subjective customer experience and objective service quality KPIs.

Subtonomy Active NPS application

This is achieved by monitoring the actual experience of subscribers, representing this on easy-to-use maps, and providing insight as to which technical KPIs have the most and least effect on subscriber satisfaction. Active NPS not only helps teams understand real-time network experience, but also helps them monitor the impact of any network improvements or problems. This level of insight is essential for supporting advanced use cases such as network slicing which require continuous monitoring of service quality, or QoS-based charging - whereby the service provider delivers differentiated service quality for different price points (such as a guaranteed fast, lower latency connection packaged with a game).

CEI is an ideal metric for the digital age and helps with AI adoption. Once gathered, it provides a valuable dataset that can be reused to train AI models, for example, in order to spot patterns, provide faster and even more predictive insights into network and customer experience and help tweak things in real time to optimize quality.

Combining datasets and processes across departments supports even greater insight by enabling drill downs and correlations that couldn’t previously be seen because data was so fragmented. This empowers even more sophisticated responses and advanced business integration, with the whole organization speaking the same language, focused on common goals and acting as one.

In essence, CEI is about turning real-time, continuous intelligence into real-time, proactive and predictive action.

But as promising as CEI is to help transform operational, customer and commercial outcomes, it is only effective if based on holistic, accurate and real-time data. This is where Subtonomy can help by automatically and easily providing an unprecedented level of insight into real customer experience that enriches CEI datasets.

Next steps

Find out more about how Subtonomy SubSearch and Active NPS support the CEI metric.

Book a meeting with our sales team to get a briefing on how Subtonomy assists telecoms service providers with implementing CEI initiatives and get a demo of our solutions.


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