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Tier 2 operator improving enterprise experience with CorpDash

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

With high focus on enterprise customers, this Tier 2 mobile operator has deployed Subtonomy CorpDash. They can monitor all enterprise customers’ SLA:s (Service Level Agreements) in real-time allowing for a better service performance and more transparent customer dialogue. By automating mail notifications, only sending to users predicted to be affected by certain service degradation issues, customer mails sent has also significantly decreased. Supported by CorpDash, the operator has managed to further increase customer satisfaction in the enterprise segment.

Stronger enterprise customer relation

90 times faster report exports

99% less maintenance notifications sent


Enterprise customers have always had a high priority for this operator and one key element for following up the service delivery is to sign SLA:s on certain service performance in the network. Traditionally, it has not been trivial to see whether or not these SLA:s are met. Overall traffic can easily be reported for e.g. certain geographical locations and sites where an enterprise is present. However, it is far more complex to make sure only the actual traffic for all subscribers belonging to that specific enterprise is counted, risking a misleading report and ambiguous interpretations of the SLA fulfillment. Another issue has been around how technical maintenance work has been communicated to enterprise customers. There is constantly work ongoing to maintain and improve the network and mail notifications are sent out to inform customers if planned work might affect performance. Before, these mail notifications were manually processed and sent out to every enterprise customer leading to lots of mails with information not relevant to the majority of the customers.


Subtonomy CorpDash monitors service performance for the enterprise segment in real-time. The operator can now monitor SLA:s for a certain customer, including only traffic generated by that customer’s users, and also see if SLA:s are met in all defined geographical areas for that customer. Reports and dashboards with this information can be generated and shared within the operator, but also directly with their customers. The maintenance work functionality in CorpDash uses predictive analytics to view which subscribers are likely to be affected by future planned maintenance work and automatically trigger mail notifications only to these affected subscribers.


By being able to monitor SLA:s and capture potential issues in real-time, the operator has increased the overall service performance they deliver to their enterprise customers. Customized enterprise reports that could take hours to prepare are now done instantly, with a 90 times reduction in time on average. This allows the operator to have a more constructive dialogue with their customers while making the customers feel more confident since they can now also take part of the data directly if needed. Activating the automatic maintenance work mail notifications has reduced the maintenance mails sent out by 99%, with positive feedback from customers who now feel they only get information relevant for them. All of these things have led to a better and more transparent relationship with the enterprise customers.

Fredrik Edwall -EVP Sales & Marketing at Subtonomy, says:

“The operator and Subtonomy have had a close collaboration when working to further develop and evolve CorpDash and now seeing good results in the field is very exciting. Enterprise customers will only become even more important to operators and I’m happy that together we have managed to further enhance the experience for this segment.”

Subtonomy provides software for mobile operators that manages subscribers’ service performance. The company is headquartered in Stockholm with sales office in Dubai. More information about Subtonomy and its offerings can be found at or by contacting


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