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CICS changes name to Subtonomy

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Subtonomy logotype

We’re thrilled to finally present that we are changing our company name from CICS to Subtonomy.

Why the name change?

CICS stands for Customer Intelligence Consultancy and Services. When we started back in 2012, consultancy services were a big part of what we did and though we still consult in certain areas. However, our core business is now focused on our software platform and applications. We therefore want a name to better reflect what we do and capture our main focuses in all our software – Subscriber satisfaction and autonomy in managing networks and data. Subscriber + autonomy = Subtonomy.

What does this name change mean for you?

Besides maybe some time to get used to our new name it’s all business as usual 😉 We’re the same company with the same offering as before. If you use an old web link or mail address you’ll be automatically redirected to the new one.

Subtonomy provides intuitive machine learning software for Communications Service Providers for increased customer experience. The company is headquartered in Stockholm with sales office in Dubai and is working with telecom customers globally. More information about Subtonomy and its offerings can be found at or by contacting


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