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Subtonomy short-listed for Best Customer Experience at the prestigious World Communications Awards

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden – 7 September 2022 –

SUBTONOMY, the leading Network Experience Platform provider in the Nordics, is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted for the World Communications Awards (WCA) for its SubSearch application and API.

Now in their 24th year, the World Communication Awards are recognized as a mark of innovation and excellence in global telecoms, and are held in such high esteem due to the transparency and rigor of the judging process, which ensures that every organisation that makes the shortlist or wins an award is truly world class. This year’s awards will be presented in London, UK on 1 November 2022.


Subtonomy’s SubSearch application and API, which have been shortlisted in the Best Customer Experience category, give call center agents an extremely accurate, real-time insight into each individual customer’s experience, enabling them to rapidly pinpoint problems customers are experiencing – revolutionizing customer support for quality of service (QoS) issues.

SubSearch is designed to empower CSPs as cost-effectively and non-disruptively as possible. Subtonomy’s Network Experience Platform pulls data from a wide variety of existing sources (such as passive probes, OSS, BSS, CRM, CPE, cells, devices and third-party data), brings it all together in real-time, and then instantly delivers this invaluable insight to call center agents via SubSearch, to help them triage and resolve problems faster and more effectively.

CSPs can choose whether to use Subtonomy’s intuitive SubSearch interface or display the data directly in their existing Customer Service Tools (such as Salesforce, Pega or ServiceNow) via the supplied API. Machine Learning (ML) is used to rapidly pinpoint anomalies in service performance and predictive analytics are used to check which customers are affected by any problems.

Customers can opt to get proactive and hyper-personalized notifications to keep them up-to-date with what their CSP is doing to fix problems that are affecting them, and the solution is also fully integrated with network operations – enabling NetOps teams to prioritize fault-fixing according to the degree of customer impact.


SubSearch has already been successfully implemented across the Nordics and Baltics in operators such as Telia Group, Telenor Sweden and Hutchinson 3, with its remarkable results now being recognized by the highly-experienced WCA judging panel. As the judges recognized, the results are outstanding. The time taken to resolve complaints and inquiries is drastically reduced – resulting in a 47% increase in efficiency and a 60% reduction in escalations. Accurate and timely notifications reduce the need to call for updates by between 20-25%.


“At Subtonomy we’re passionate about helping our clients deliver the best possible support to their customers, because we know how important this is to their future business success,” commented Fredrik Edwall, SVP Sales & Marketing at Subtonomy. “Everyone at Subtonomy is incredibly proud to have a 100% satisfied client base, and we see it as a great honor to be shortlisted for Best Customer Experience in the World Communication Awards. This recognizes our team’s dedication to service performance improvement and indicates that Subtonomy is both a serious player in this sector and one-to-watch.”

Recognition of the effectiveness of the SubSearch solution has come at a busy time for Subtonomy, which recently expanded into the broadband market, has just opened new offices in the Middle East & Africa and Asia, and successfully launched its new 5G offering.

To find out more about SubSearch, see here.

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