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How to drive competitive advantages through Technical Self-Service

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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Soon 50% of mobile subscribers are tech savvy digital natives, who expect that 100% of their interactions with Telco’s is supported digitally – and in their digital channel of choice.

Hence, your Telecom Business Support System (BSS) must be built to support omnichannel interaction – this needs to be part of you IT-DNA. Databases and APIs must handle the load from digital subscriber interactions and obviously support anything from app/web to IVRs, chatbots and personal assistants.

Without catering to this increasing group, you will soon become irrelevant – decreasing loyalty thus increasing churn and market share.

Are you there yet?

24/7 support for your customers – a reality?

The question is – can you afford “not to have” 24/7 customer support?

In this day and age the younger audience expect to be served when they want and how they want. And you know that the latter isn’t a support telephone queue. When you have an instant answer – value your customers time and make it available immediately. Either by a voice prompt in your IVR or through your other digital channels.

Omnichannel support 24/7 is a must to be a relevant player in the market. This means that your Service Operation Center (SOC) shouldn’t just be monitoring your telecom services, but your digital support channels must also be active 24/7.

Personalized even with technical issues

Today, your customer service might be aware of general network issues, either local or network wide. However, hidden deep in your Operations Support Systems (OSS), there is information around which exact subscribers are affected by an issue.

Bring attention to your operation support customer information and turn it customer centric by making it available per subscriber level in customer support tools and in your digital channels. Get away from talking about general problems and instead personalize the communication in all channels, even with technical issues.

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Proactive automated communication

What if next time your subscriber failed to make a voice call, they got an app notification or a text message saying “There is problems making calls in your area, we are working on it and we estimate that it will be resolved by 11:30. Would you like to be notified when it is resolved?” Note that depending on what service that is affected by the issue, customer communication channels will vary.

Receiving continuous and proactive information about current issues and when the issues is solved, is to be demanded by digital natives.

Strong storm blows in the palm trees along a stretch of beach

When the shit hits the fan

When there is a major breakdown of your mobile service or a major catastrophic event leading up to a massive inflow of subscriber queries – is your customer service up for the task? Are your digital channels ready to be the damn that holds up for the storm and shows your customer that you are in the driver seat and not just a passenger?

With smart and personalized IT-solutions, that automatically deploys information in all your digital channels and at the same time are built to handle the increased volumes with smart techniques you’ll build trust and loyalty among your customers.

Subtonomy's solutions for Customer Service

It might sound complicated. It’s not. With the application SubSearch and associated API your business will be ready for 24/7 automated and personalized omnichannel support and support system for your customer agents.


Search for individual subscribers to see their user experience and potential issues with the network, device or service.

Technical Self-Service

Personalized tech support in your mobile, desktop, smart assistant, chatbot or IVR. Instant and available 24/7.

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