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How to empower CS agents to provide the best service experience

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

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New lockdowns around Europe and the rest of the world testify that our changed work habits due to the Covid pandemic will continue to affect us for a long time to come.

Many customer service agents within mobile operators around the world now #workfromhome. It is a huge change both for the companies, but also for the individual employee. We have seen an exponential evolution towards digital experiences. Changes that in many cases would have taken up to a decade, have now taken 5 months. For some companies, this change has taken place far too quickly and has therefore resulted in broken customer experiences.

Changed customer behaviors

The new normal for many peoples is now to have your online shopping delivered to your front door, and same goes for food. No one goes to the bank and all streaming and gaming platforms hit new records. Without all digital collaboration platforms like Zoom, Teams and HouseParty we would not have managed to #wfh as well as we have.

With most mobile operator stores closed and restrictions in the society, website and call center is the epicentrum for customer service and sales.

Working from home can be a challenge, when you don’t have your closest colleagues across the desk to ask a quick question.

So how can mobile operators empower service agents to provide the best service experiences possible?

· Digitalization makes it easier to adapt automations capabilities

· Increased focus on Quality Assurance

· Omnichannel service experiences to prevent disjointed customer journeys

· Humanize the digital element and experiences

· Leverage on data – not just having it

Subtonomy's solutions is the future of contact center technology

Subtonomy customer support application, SubSearch, offers a range of capabilities that will empower your technical support staff increasing the first call resolution rate. The support agent can search for a single subscriber, in real-time, for an overview of all available and relevant data. The overview tab shows the service performance and highlights if the subscriber has or had any technical such as network, device or software.

An information text message will summarize the issues and recommendations to solve the issue will be provided to the agent.

To elaborate a bit further – this means that the agent only needs to make a single search in one system, instead of several. The data is automatically analyzed and presented with graphs and text-based recommendations. The agent can also see if the customer has performed a self-service diagnostic in any of the digital channels prior to this call, connecting the service journey for the subscriber.

Subtonomy application SubSearch screenshot

Mobile operators can now leverage true customer insights from several data sources and in easily accessible way for the agents. In overall our customer reports an overall efficiency on their support staff, time they can spend on even better customer service experience and more complex issues.

+47% trouble ticket efficiency

1 system search instead of 4

-15 min less spent per trouble ticket

Future workplace – most people want the possibility to alternate

For how long will we continue to work from home? No one can really tell. But besides the benefits that most brands already identified such as lower real estate costs, hire talent from other demographics and a happy work-leisure balance for staff – many employees now see this a work benefit. In the future this could really be a tipping point for employees when choosing their next employer.

Image with three icons with different options - work from home, office and both.

Many of you has probably seen the voting posts on LinkedIn. All I have seen so far points at the combination. People would like to have the balance of work from home and the office. Some fine tech companies such as Twitter, Dropbox and Reddit have declared working from home is now a permanent option for their staff.

What we see right now is a major shift in the labor market, that we don't really know the outcome of yet. We cannot neglect the changes on work habits has affected us in short term, but we must act as this change is more or less here to stay. To empower your service agents with better technology is not just something that is needed for a few months – it’s the future for contact center.

Here you can read more about our solutions for the technical support center:

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Search for individual subscribers to see their user experience and potential issues with the network, device or service.

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Technical Self-Service

Personalized tech support in your mobile, desktop, smart assistant, chatbot or IVR. Instant and available 24/7.


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