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Telenor Sweden improving customer care efficiency with Subtonomy SubSearch

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Telenor retail store in Sweden

Telenor Sweden wanted to make their customer care more efficient. Their customer care representatives were searching through many legacy systems, making it difficult to get an instant overview of the customer’s technical issues leading to longer case times and many escalations. By introducing Subtonomy SubSearch, Telenor managed to increase their customer care efficiency significantly.

-15min spent per trouble ticket

1 system search instead of 4

+47% trouble ticket efficiency

About Telenor Sweden

Telenor Sweden is a telecommunications service provider with a network covering 99% of the Swedish population and more than 2.5 million mobile subscribers. Telenor Sweden is part of Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile carriers with operations in Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe and Asia.


Having satisfied customers is obviously essential for Telenor and providing an excellent customer care experience is a crucial part of that. Telenor’s customer care center is handled by Sykes in Sweden with 600 persons managing customers’ issues and concerns.

Staff is kept busy, with constant calls from customers coming in. Priority has always been to solve customer issues right away, without having to get back to the customer at a later stage and without unnecessary escalations. The problem has been that staff needed to work in parallel with many different systems where it was difficult to get an instant overview of the customers and their technical situation. This led to unnecessary time spent per trouble tickets and many escalations that caused unsatisfied customers and inefficient operations.


The Subtonomy SubSearch customer experience application was introduced to to support with technical requests at customer care. The application makes it possible to search individual subscribers instantly and get an overview of their current and past service quality. This allows staff to get an instant overview of their customers’ situation and provide solutions directly while avoiding escalations. Time spent per customer can be further reduced since staff by using this application can reduce the number of systems they have to search in order to provide solutions to their customers.

Jannika Fransson – Supervisor at Sykes for Telenor, says:

“SubSearch is extremely easy to use and gives a clear overview gathered from different sources. For us it’s a great way to immediately confirm if a customer’s experience issues are due to network issues or something else and by that get information about the next step in solving the issue.”


After three years in operations, SubSearch is now allowing Telenor Sweden and Sykes to provide a better customer support. The overall trouble ticket efficiency has been improved with 47% due to reduced time spent per case, fewer escalations and smoother handovers between departments. The average time per case has been reduced by 15min. By introducing SubSearch, Telenor and Sykes have also been able to reduce searching through 4 legacy systems by giving a consolidated overview directly in SubSearch.

Fredrik Edwall – EVP Sales & Marketing at Subtonomy, says:

“I’m very proud of the work we have done together with Telenor Sweden and Sykes. SubSearch delivers tangible business benefits for our users and helps provide a better user experience for the end-users. We have looked at a totally different way of working with integration, delivery and operational maintenance of the Subtonomy systems and our users can trust the data, always access it and count on it being extremely fast.”

Subtonomy provides software for mobile operators that manages subscribers’ service performance. The company is headquartered in Stockholm with sales office in Dubai. More information about Subtonomy and its offerings can be found at or by contacting


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