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19-20th of Jan Subtonomy will present at the CEM in Telecoms

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

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This year Subtonomy will start off by hosting the webinar Driving competitive advantage through Technical Self-Service and moderate the panel discussion Overcoming internal cultural and process challenges to succeed in a competitive and unpredictable market”. Both events will take place online January 20th and is available for all attendees live and on-demand.

Subtonomy’s webinar will focus on “Driving competitive advantage through Technical Self-Service” on January 20th 14:30 CET.

Our CEO, Andreas Jörbeck, will present;

  • How can you meet the needs and channel preferences for each customer without compromising results

  • What impact does real-time, personalised support have on customer engagement and how exactly can this be measured

  • How this can be seamlessly integrated with smart solutions for CS agents to improve their overall efficiency?

Subtonomy will moderate the panel discussion “Overcoming internal cultural and process challenges to succeed in a competitive and unpredictable market” on January 20th 15:10 CET.

When undergoing any period of change, whether it’s a pandemic, merger and acquisition or attempting that all important digital transformation, success is largely down to having the right people and processes in place. But what do we see as the main inhibitors to change - across various business functions - and what can be done to overcome these?

- How can we effectively and practically manage cultural changes? Is a different type of CX employee needed?

- What is the best approach to clarifying and operationalising your CX vision and tying it to clear business outcomes?

- While it may be chaotic in the beginning, how can changes to people and processes be positively reinforced and maintained?

- How do you manage an organisation in chaos mode?

- Are all teams and employees responsible for its delivery?

If you’re interested in setting up a private meeting, please contact us Subtonomy provides software for mobile operators that manages subscribers’ service performance. The company is headquartered in Stockholm with sales office in Dubai. More information about Subtonomy can be found at or by contacting


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