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The 5 things world-class 5G technical customer support should ALWAYS deliver

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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As CSPs roll out lightning fast 5G networks, they must insure that their support services keep up. With increasing customer dependence on networks to connect an ever-wider range of everyday activities, customers are becoming dissatisfied with, and intolerant of support experiences that don’t match their evolving expectations.

So what does great customer service look like? Here’s 5 key things world-class 5G customer support ALWAYS delivers.

1. Customers are always kept up-to-date and informed

No customer should ever be left in the dark, wondering what their CSP is doing. But, historically, CSPs kept customers informed of problems using generic outage maps and inaccurate mass-messaging solutions. Today’s customers expect far more precise, accurate and real-time communications. Getting this right reassures affected customers, avoids frustrating those that are not affected, and reduces messaging costs.

How we help: Subtonomy’s Network Experience Platform allows CSPs to accurately pinpoint not only WHAT the problem is, but WHO is affected. An Open API enables CSPs to easily integrate this highly accurate data with their existing messaging services – allowing them to deliver highly targeted, real-time communications that keep affected customers up-to-date with everything their CSP is doing to fix the problem.

Find out how Subtonomy’s Network Experience Platform revolutionizes the way your teams support customers and provide a quality network experience.


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2. Problems are fixed quickly and efficiently

Today’s customers don’t like to queue, and because so many of their activities now rely on a connection to the Cloud or the Internet, they quickly become frustrated when that connection is affected. For lucrative B2B customers, (down)time is literally money for both the customer and the CSP, who might also have to pay out against a comprehensive SLA. More complex networks and services combined with an exponential increase in connected devices means there’s more to go wrong than ever before, requiring CSPs to take another look at how they support customers.

How we help: Subtonomy’s Technical Self-Service utilizes the data from our Network Experience Platform to enable customers to find the answers they’re looking for and resolve their own queries. This empowers customers to resolve as many as 9 out of 10 inquiries themselves.

Subtonomy SubSearch utilizes this same data to boost the performance of agents, giving them the ability to triage and resolve complex problems faster and more effectively.

The results speak for themselves. Our clients report an average of 20% fewer calls to customer support, 47% less time spent on each trouble ticket and 60% fewer escalations.


3. Fault fixing is prioritized according to customer impact

When things go wrong, engineering teams spring into action in order to resolve it and get things up and running as quickly as possible. But not all faults are created equal. Some have a far greater impact on customers than others; other faults simply affect a greater volume of customers. Deciding which fault to fix first is vital to maintaining a quality network experience and minimizing disruption.

How we help: The real-time, accurate data from Subtonomy’s Network Experience Platform can be displayed in our NocMap applications and utilized by network operations to provide an accurate view of network performance. ML helps NetOps triage problems rapidly and proactively – sometimes even before the customer is aware there’s a problem. The insight provided by NocMap enables operational teams to fix trouble tickets faster, act on alarms, and prioritize their work orders according to what will have the biggest customer impact.

Learn how NocMap gives your teams an accurate representation of all of your networks, all of the time to enable faster fault-fixing that is prioritized according to customer impact. And how it can be used to support changes and upgrades to vital network functions with minimal disruption.


4. Avoid outages due to migrations and upgrades

As CSPs roll out 5G and upgrade their networks, it’s easy for mistakes to be made. But a simple error can quickly escalate into a major outage, leaving teams scrambling to resolve the problem and get the network back to normal. Historically, network monitoring tools provided data for each network type and each node – making it hard to get the full picture of what was occurring or envision what customers were actually experiencing. How we help: Subtonomy’s NocMap provides an accurate overview of the entire network with service performance presented in real-time and ML-activated alarms that warn when there are deviations in service performance. It enables CSPs to upgrade and migrate critical functions and features without disrupting the customer experience. Telenor Sweden, for example, used NocMap to migrate their HLRs – moving 6 million SIMs in a controlled fashion over 14 hours with minimal impact on customers.


5. Provide premium support to your valuable corporate customers, along with meaningful SLAs

CSPs expect many new 5G revenue streams to derive from the B2B market. But these new services are complex and highly sensitive to quality of service. Providing premium support to B2B customers is essential, and needs to be backed by meaningful SLAs that guarantee service performance. This requires CSPs to have a far higher level of control over network performance, while at the same time being able to communicate network performance to their corporate clients. How we help: Subtonomy’s CorpDash enables our clients to visualize how network performance is affecting each enterprise customer and every employee in real-time, while alerting them to potential SLA breaches. One of our B2B customer found that not only did CorpDash reduce the time it took to prepare network performance reports by 90%, but it was sending 99% fewer network performance notifications because targeting had dramatically improved. The result was far happier B2B clients.

See how CorpDash allows you to support your valuable B2B customers and offer tailored SLAs and more accurate reporting.


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Fredrik Edwall, Subtonomy

Fredrik Edwall SVP Sales & Marketing


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