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Tier1 CSP selects Subtonomy Customer Support Suite

Updated: Jul 2

A smiling customer support agent wearing a headset

Stockholm, Sweden – May 11 2021

Subtonomy announces today that yet another Tier1 European Communication Service Provider (CSP) has chosen to deploy Subtonomy Customer Support applications SubSearch and CorpDash in their largest market. The solution will empower technical customer service with personalized data driven information and recommendations regarding service issues and also offer the subscribers to troubleshoot their own service issues in their preferred digital channel of choice.

This way the Tier1 CSP ensures a better service experience for both operating staff as well as subscribers. At the same time, the Tier1 CSP will achieve a more streamlined customer support operation and improved KPI levels.

“We’re thrilled to provide our Customer Support suite applications to this customer. The system is in operation and we have received great feedback from the end users at technical customer care. This will strengthen their technical customer service and it will empower their mobile subscribers to do self-service. Looking forward to a continuous close collaboration.”

- Fredrik Edwall, EVP Sales and Marketing at Subtonomy


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