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Top 5 key take aways from Customer Contact Week

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Customer contact week live event speaker.

During the week, this year's digital edition of Customer Contact Week took place. It is at least a different and a little more familiar event when keynote speakers sit at home in front of their webcam in the living room. But that's how we are used to seeing the world today. Despite the distance, it gets a little more personal when we get an insight into Netflix's HR manager home environment.

Of course, the big focus these days is the Covid-19 pandemic that has so abruptly changed our work habits, for all the thousands and millions of customer service employees around the world. In many countries, the entire customer service organization works from home and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

These are our key takeaways from the conference so far:

  1. It’s still hard to achieve digital CX to 100% in many organizations, since digital self-service channels are not always integrated to back office. In those cases, we still need humans to be the glue in between.

  2. We need to humanize the technology with for example conversational IVR and chatbots. Use semantic AI and voice recognition to predict next best answer. Further, a seamless experience between the chatbot or IVR and the agent needs to be in place to improve the service experience. The agent needs a contextual snapshot of your previous interactions so the customer has no need to repeat themselves.

  3. Intelligent automation for your workforce making you work smarter and more productive so your people are free to do great things.

  4. Re-define your customer service journeys with changed customer behaviors and Covid-19 in mind.

  5. Integrate through omnichannel – automate for end-to-end journeys across all channels.

Subtonomy's solution for technical customer service

Subtonomy’s solutions for technical customer service can be integrated in your communication service providers existing systems applications through open API’s.

If a subscriber experiences any kind of issues with the mobile network, voice and data included, our solution will empower both the subscriber and the customer agent to a fast first contact resolution.

  • Digital self-service will increase customer interactions with less resources and operational savings.

  • Agents can focus on human interactions and gets text-based assistance in the system. They only need to search in one system, instead of several.

  • Redefine your customer service journeys and increase your customer experience.

  • Machine Learning & AI assisted automation will boost your digital channels.

For example: A subscriber has issues with the voice services not working. The subscriber receives a notification in the brand app that displays text information about the issue on individual level. Now the subscriber can choose to run a deeper self-diagnostic to find the root cause and later receive a text notification once the issue is resolved.

Three smartphones with screens visualizing a customer service journey with hyper-personalized information.

In fact, the subscriber can choose their preferred channel for the self-diagnostic. All channels will have the same information from a customer agent answering a call, a subscriber using the app or someone asking their smart assistant. In addition, if the subscriber chooses to start the service journey in the app and later wants to call the customer service, the agent will see a contextual snapshot of the search result the subscriber has received in their app. It’s a seamless and integrated customer experience across channels with no need for the subscriber to repeat the issues.

With intelligent automated feedback loop the diagnostic results are pushed to the service operations center. They will be automatically informed regarding clusters of calls or self-diagnostics from a certain location to be used for awareness of customer impacting issues and prioritization among them. The solution has open APIs so existing frame works / systems can be easily be integrated..

Many mobile operators already have some kind of self-service in place, and are familiar with benefits in brings to their organizations and customers. In those cases, Subtonomy can add useful use cases from your mobile network utilizing our unique competence regarding mobile networks, subscribers, location and network issues to your already existing solution.

If your are interested to read more about our solutions for Customer Service, feel free to read about our SubSearch and Technical Sel-Service.

Or why not drop us an email: if you have any questions or want to book a meeting.


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